My One Word 2019

Apparently I write once per year and update my website at the same rate. I had all the best intentions to write more…but you know what happens when you start two businesses and have so much to learn in a short amount of time, you end up not writing about it at all. And wow, this past year has been amazing! I am such a dreamer and always keep adding to my list of things to learn, techniques to try, supplies to buy. But this can be a problem and I’ve realized that this doesn’t always help to move my business or my skills forward.

These realizations lead to my one word for this year. FOCUS. I am learning and this will definitely be a challenge for me, not because I can’t sit still and focus on a topic, but because I multi-task, multi-dream, multi-plan, etc. It’s not a good skill to have. I’m working on goal setting as well, which requires a lot of focus! I’m giving myself grace in this area because I just don’t set goals and so this is really making me stop and think about what I really want for this year. So, FOCUS. I truly have to keep this word right in front of me constantly. As I look at some goal sheets, I think about all the things I want to do…and then I’m reminded that there is only so much time in the day/month/year and that I have to be quite intentional and focused on the things that I invest my energy in.

Our church releases a “personal retreat” that you can work through to help you figure out your one word, you can find the document here.

I’ll also share the resources I’ve liked for goal setting:

The Inspiration Lab, : hosted an amazing goal setting event and they still have one more virtual event coming up that you can still join.

The Studio Source, : this is an amazing membership site for artists, and as a beta member I received their business goal planner prior to it's public release and boy am I grateful for that! It’s a great resource.

Emily Jeffords, : she is an incredible artist who released a free goal setting guide for creatives and it’s wonderful.

There are so many resources for goal setting and you just need to find what works for you and your style. Thanks for stopping by, sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date on new art releases and shop updates.

I’m curious, do you pick a word for the year? Do you set goals for yourself?