Hello friends.

I'm just in love with art and creating. I want to try everything and I love exploring and learning new techniques and new mediums…I just need a few extra hours in the day to try it all. I take on challenges often and am always trying something I’ve never done before…a friend recently said “I think that’s your sweet spot.” I’d say she’s right about that one. My style is still growing and evolving and I would love for you to come along and join me on this journey.

Outside of creating art, I have been married 14 years, I'm raising two little kiddos, and I have my Masters in Occupational therapy. Not only do I run this business, my husband and I recently opened our own dental office in town, it’s called Thrive Family Dental. We call it our third baby and we’re very proud of it and the community we serve through that business.

A little about my background…I was born in Ukraine and my family immigrated as refugees to the US in 1990. I primarily grew up in Portland, OR and most of our family still resides there. My husband and I currently live in Wilmington NC and most days I feel like I am dreaming because I get to live in this wonderful coastal town. We love being in the water and exploring our community any chance we get. A mountain getaway is quickly becoming one of our favorite mini vacations.

Send me a message and say hello, tell me how you found me and let’s be friends.